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The Rockin T Team consists of hardworking, driven individuals who strive to build their career and gain experience every day on the job.

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Taj Sulahria


Taj is the owner of Rockin T Trucking LLC. He is an experienced manager, with a demonstrated history of working in the Construction Industry since age: 13. Taj established the company 4 years ago, with dreams of growing, and transforming as the industry evolves. He saw a strong demand for water trucks, and implemented a division solely for that, as well as mass grading and knowing that he could develop a team that are masters of their skill. Taj values his employees, and does not see them as numbers, but assets that allow the company to be stronger. He is skilled in management, mass grading, and excavation. He has worked for major companies in Heavy Highway Development and Mining. Taj has a history of seeing what is missing in the industry. He started the first milling company in Nevada and started a Fire Dozer Program for the US Government.  He enjoys bringing positivity to the work environment, as well as to job sites that require strong attention to detail.

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Sierra Brewer


Sierra is part owner of Rockin T Trucking LLC. She is also a licensed Professional Civil Engineer in the State of Nevada with 14 years of experience. Sierra provides strong construction management skills and diverse engineering experience. She is very honored to be partnered up with Taj to run Rockin T Trucking.


Sierra’s experience is not a typical design engineer. Most of her experience has come from working for a land management agency for the past 11 years. Most of her career is made up of project and construction management, design, facility maintenance, implementation and operations.


Sierra earned her bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Nevada, Reno and is a licensed Professional Civil Engineer in Nevada. Sierra enjoys soccer, the outdoors, hunting, camping and snowmobiling.


Eddie Garcia

General Manager

Eddie Garcia is the General Manager of Rockin T Trucking & Construction Services. Eddie helps facilitate all business operations of the company. He is a 3rd Generation family member in the trade. He and his family owned a business that allowed him to build a strong comprehension of how to run a successful company, gain knowledge to apply both out in the field and apply it in the office. He has been in construction management for 19 years, in the heavy civil construction industry, overseeing large and small projects. Experienced in Federal, Public Works, H.O.A, Industrial, Commercial, and Private Projects. Eddie prides himself on being honest, and developing a long history of on-time, on-budget and profitable job completions, that help build strong relationships in the industry. 

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Madison Quigley

Office Administrator

Madison is the Office Administrator at Rockin T Trucking. Madison helps with the day-to-day operations. Her duties include but are not limited to helping coordinate and oversee all office activities, coordinating activities, ensuring company procedures and policies are in place that make the company as functional, and smooth running as possible. Madison assists in communication between management, the team, as well as customers. She helps integrate clear data of operations to organize the structure and support the growth of the team’s goals. Madison had management experience prior to employment at Rockin T Trucking and enjoys the numerous opportunities to grow within this company. She sees an opportunity for innovation and can implement new systems that increase the overall functionality of the company as Rockin T Trucking & Construction Services grows.  

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Steve Rubio


Steve Rubio is the Water Truck Superintendent of Rockin T Trucking & Construction Services. He oversees all employees within the Water Truck Division. Steve is in charge of dispatch, to ensure all drivers know where they are going for the day and are prepared for the job sites they are going to. Steve has built a culture that allows drivers to learn, grow, and maintain positive relationships with both current and future customers. Steve has also been in the Construction world for 16 years. He has experience in saw cutting, concrete cutting, and coring. He also has experience running his family-owned business as a young man, as well as his own endeavors in the business world. Steve has a strong work ethic, and immense knowledge for the construction world, allowing him to apply his expertise to the successes of Rockin T Trucking.